Rotary cutting dies and plaster machines

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Cutting dies and plaster machines.



diapers machine - cutting dies - plasters




cutting dies and, embossing group, rotary cutting modules, special rotary dies, adhesive bandage adhesive bandage machines, plaster machine, strip for plasters machine


Italian Industrial factory producing cutting dies and rotary cutting dies but also embossing group and rotary cutting modules. You find also special rotary dies and adhesive bandage produced by adhesive bandage machines or plaster machine. Strip for plasters machine and strip for plaster and diapers machine too.

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transdermal patch machinery

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rotary cutting dies and embossing group; the best rotary cutting modules and special rotary dies to produce adhesive bandage. Our adhesive bandage machines and plaster machine are able to create perfect strip for plasters machine and strip for plaster, diapers machine.


- - was born from an old artisan tradition in the field of plasters machinery and die cutter.
This is due to serious and constant professionalism developed in a modern work environment where tradition goes hand in hand with the most advanced technology.
Thanks to its experience and competitiveness, the company can satisfy any request and offer superior quality craftsmanship to more and more demanding clients.